Tree Fossils

Trees that flourished during the Permian and Carboniferous periods inhabiting swampy environments were called Lycopods. In this collection are 2D and 3D samples from species called the Lepidodendron (scale tree), Sigillaria and Cordaites. Some of the pictured fossils are casts formed when the hollow interior of the trunk infilled with sediment. The exterior and interior patterns you see on the fossils are impressions from those particular trees. The Stigmaria and Artisia Horizontals were also part of the trees as well. The Stigmaria was part of the root system and can be identified with the small round circular nodes where tiny rootlets protruded out of the main root. The Artisia Horizontalis is the fossilized infilled impression of the inner core of a Cordaites tree. Pictured as well are Lepidophylloides (leaves of the Lepidodendron) and Lepidostrobus (cones of the Lepidodendron).