Alabama Fossils, What Great Diversity In Rocks!

My name is Ricky, I'm an avid fossil collector and enthusiast. I love to spend my time outdoors for the thrill of the hunt! Like most kiddos in the younger days, I loved dinosaurs! As a teen I discovered that fossils could be found in my backyard, so the hunt was on. In my youth I found only plant and marine fossils, no dinosaurs? Finding those plant and marine fossils is where the fascination grew. When I became an adult there was a long hiatus until I introduced fossil hunting to my nephews, it was then I caught the fossil hunting bug again. Alabama boasts of its diversity of fossils in the state, from plants, marine, and even dinosaurs! This website consists of finds mostly from Alabama and a few from Mississippi. I created this website so others can enjoy what I love to do in my spare time...

it's for the thrill of the hunt!

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